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After 13 years, I have decided to bring my international astrological practice to a close so I can devote more time to my celebrant work and writing books. I would like to thank every client I’ve had. I’ve learnt so much from each of you.
Thank you so much. ~ Veronika

"Thank you so very much for my reading this morning. I absolutely wholeheartedly loved it. It has given me an extraordinary sense of peace and belonging to myself. What a gift! My head has been in the clouds for the rest of the day while I've processed all you told me.

I'm so very glad to have chosen to have it now, with the process of regeneration happening as it is. I feel stronger and more aligned with what I'm working towards. And those feelings are so welcome!

Thank you a thousand times over Veronika. You're so wonderful at what you do."

Very best wishes,

My mother had an astrology room, and all of us children were forbidden from entering. It was her sacred space. I, always being curious, wasn’t going to be deterred by such restrictions and, of course, I went in there to examine the mysterious contents. Floor to ceiling of esoteric astrology books captured my imagination. I could just feel all the wisdom within. In the centre of the room was a round, black, glass coffee table with a gold horoscope etched across it. I will never forget that table. When my mother ended her marriage, all of those books were donated to the local town library! If only I had known that I was going to be an astrologer! I don’t know where my mother found that astrology table, or indeed where it went to after the marriage, but those images settled deep within my soul.

I had always known my Moon, Sun and Rising (ascendant) sign, and I certainly was aware of recording an accurate birth time for my daughters, but it was only during a rough time in my life that I began to study astrology properly. I was looking for answers as to why certain things were happening in my life. This search became so passionate that I ended up reading other people’s charts and haven’t looked back.

I’m so grateful to have psychological astrology in my life, and to be able to understand myself and loved ones better. It’s an invaluable resource, and very far removed from the daily horoscopes in the paper.

"I am glad that I treated myself to astrology sessions with Veronika and I fully recommend the Growing with Joy programme without hesitation.

In the past four years I have had two children, and 10 house moves. I am muddled, snappy and deeply tired. These weekly sessions have given me a clear sense of purpose and practical tools for dealing with recurring stressful situations.

Veronika knows her stuff, and she brings warmth, integrity and humour to her readings. I value her wisdom."

Lizzie W. France

"I got in touch with Veronika in 2015 after talking to a friend about my concerns with my son. He was going through some difficulties and I felt I didn't understand him well enough at the time to support him through this. I also felt that I wanted to know and understand more about myself in relation to my business. I read up on what Veronika offers on her website and found it interesting. I was open-minded and keen to know more. When I got in touch, my initial thoughts were how kind and gentle Veronika sounded. Her tone was very calming and inclusive, yet she had purpose and focus and I felt in good hands, with someone professional. The sessions were through audio on Skype, recorded and sent to me by email. We had agreed to 10 half-hour sessions, the first one being about my son and the rest about me. The results from these sessions have been enlightening. Based on his chart, Veronika has helped me understand my son so much better than I did before, but also I now have reassurances about him whereas before I felt very concerned about his well-being. With regards to myself and my business, she offered me some great strategies and understanding around myself, and how to move myself forward. I feel that these sessions have given me the confidence and hope I needed to feel positive about myself and my business and also about my son's well-being and future. As all sessions were recorded, I am able to listen back too, which has been really helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Veronika support."

Antonia Lewis, UK

"I wholeheartedly recommend an astrology reading from Veronika Robinson. It was a wonderful experience. I found it to be clear, concise, easy to understand, and very thorough.

Veronika's knowledge was outstanding, and her delivery coherent, direct, but very compassionate. I was feeling very confused and bewildered but the reading got me in touch with my inner intuition and was spot on! I felt encouraged and truly guided as a result. "

Claire Thompson, Ireland

"When I had my first astrology reading with Veronika, my daughter was much younger, and the time we spent together understanding her chart helped me parent with more kindness and understanding. It helped me really SEE her, and not CREATE her all the time. Since then, I have treated myself to a few more readings, and each one has left me feeling more confident and clear. I highly recommend an hour with Veronika."

Kirsty Dodds, South Africa

"Veronika's reading of my children's birth charts were beautifully detailed and inspiring. It has provided me with new insights on how I can best help my children to develop, particularly emotionally and spiritually. It has brought me back to the realisation that they are people in their own right on their own path with their own dreams, separate from mine.

Veronika is thoughtful, compassionate and so positive in the sharing of information. At the end of the session I felt as though I was viewing my children through new eyes.

It feels such a gift to have such insights about my children to help them on their path as they grow.

I feel Veronika got right to the heart of what I was feeling and dealing with personally, I cannot believe how accurate she was. I felt as though she was telling me my life as though she knew me.

Her consultation has helped me to realise the steps I need to take to make the shifts in my life to realise my own dreams and potential.

I feel profoundly empowered, thank you."


"Thank you for my birthday astrology reading. It helped so much just when I needed it.

And thank you too for appearing in my dream as the Conscious Feminine. I can't think of anyone else who embodies that energy as much as you."

JF, Scotland

"Having my chart read and explained by Veronika was truly unique and very insightful. Her way of explaining was clear, and helped me understand a lot about myself, but what surprised me was how accurate and in-depth it was. Veronika was patient, kind and nurturing when we discovered an old issue I had not fully dealt with, and she gave me time to explore these feelings as well as suggestions for a way forwards. The overall experience has opened many new doors for me and taught me to have better faith in myself and the Universe. However , it doesn't end there. Veronika continues to offer support and can explain the changes that are upcoming in my life to equip me with the necessary tools to understand why certain life events are happening. I can't recommend highly enough. Thank you, Veronika x"

Christine Jackson, England

"These amazing astrology sessions answered questions I didn't know I needed to ask, filled holes I couldn't reach, gave me a true understanding of myself.

Veronika Robinson's wonderful depth of knowledge, calm and reassuring manner, and use of stories, music, and food awakened my senses, giving me an empathy for myself I had never allowed myself as a gift.

I am using the wisdom I gained constantly, to help with worries, fears and making future plans.

I had no idea what to expect in these sessions, or what I was seeking, but I am so thankful I gave them a go; truly life-changing, life-affirming and life-loving. Thank you, Veronika."

Denise Ridgway, England

"My astrology chart reading with Veronika was by far one of the most helpful I have ever had. Veronika is intuitive, insightful and thoughtful. Veronika suggests ways to overcome obstacles, release old patterns, and work towards the possibilities that are written in the stars, generously offering inspiring ideas that you can apply to your everyday life in a practical way. I felt like I not only had an astrological reading, but also a session with caring life coach who is committed to helping others become more of who they are meant to be."

Nicola Potts, England

"Astrology reading with Veronika is well worth it. It is NOT naval gazing. It is not some computer print out as some use. This is genuine and only for you the individual. I have had it done for one of my children, and when I can I will have all my children done, as it has helped me enormously with parenting.

For me, on a personal level, I found it inspiring as it confirmed who I am, but it also opened up an awareness of new possibilities that I hadn’t considered: talents, skills, change in direction.

It can be challenging as, if you are working in the future, you cannot always see …but then (as in my case) events happened, and looking back on my notes they were spot on. It can also challenge preconceived ideas about yourself, and your life. If you have one done on a child of yours, it will open your eyes up enormously! You will have a greater understanding of why your child acts in certain ways, and how to parent her/him in a way that benefits both of you.

Veronika avoids vague statements.

So if you are stuck in life and you don’t know which direction to go, or your life is a bit of a mess, or you are having problems understanding your child, I recommend this as it will help you with direction, self esteem, and bring ideas to the table that you may not even have considered. And whilst you might not get a light bulb moment at the time, believe me it will come trickling in.

Go for it. It is gentle, non-invasive, but it is powerful in how it can help you enormously."

Caroline Spence-Thomas, England

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